My Favorite Menu Items from Harrisonburg’s Food.Bar.Food

Located in Downtown Harrisonburg, Food.Bar.Food features a rotating lunch, dinner, and brunch menu with a terrific selection of global comfort foods to choose from.

I wanted to share my favorite small bowl, plate, dessert, and cocktail from one of Harrisonburg’s must eat cuisines!

Small bowl – Lobster Mac & Cheese 

The presentation was simple–a white bowl filled to the rim with a combination of smoked gouda, lobster sauce, crayfish, dill baked cherry tomatoes, apple wood smoked bacon and white truffle oil.

The lobster sauce was creamy, noodles al dente, and the diced cherry tomatoes added the perfect taste of freshness.

Plate – 10 oz. New York Strip

I love a good steak so it was no surprise that when I saw a New York Strip on the menu I was immediately sold.

The steak was smothered in smoked garlic butter, arugula and pistachio pesto and served with a side of Yukon gold mashed potatoes and wok fried vegetables. The medium cooked steak was melt-in-your-mouth delicious! And vegetables so fresh you would of thought they had been picked straight from the garden!

Dessert – Pot de Creme

This very chocolaty and unbelievably rich French dessert was served in a white coffee mug with melted marshmallows at the base and a side of fresh raspberries. The perfect ending to any meal!

Cocktail – So Juicy

So Juicy was my first try at Food.Bar.Food’s internationally inspired bar cocktails. The purple colored concoction is a mixture of guava, grapefruit and pomegranate cubes with coconut-pineapple soju. The taste? Sweet and refreshing!

Overall, Food.Bar.Food has been a great addition to Downtown Harrisonburg’s dining scene and a definite a must-try. The drink refills and plates all made their way to the table quickly, the staff is super friendly, and the atmosphere airy and inviting with its light blue walls and crafty decorations. My experiences have never fallen short of exceptional and I plan to keep exploring their ever-changing menu.

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