11 Virginia Zoos With Fun For The Whole Family

Did you know that Virginia is home to some of the most unique and vast collections of animal species? Get educated on the exotic animals that share the earth with us at one of these 11 zoos and animals parks.

1. Wilson’s Animal Park – Winchester, VA

Wilson’s Wild Animal Park is home to more than 200 mammals, birds, and reptiles representing more than 50 species from all over the world! The park has been privately owned and operated since 1976 and sits on a 25-acre plot. Visitors can enjoy feeding deer, sheep, goats, and llamas. Exotic animals include lemurs, kangaroos, African lions, monkeys and camels.

2. Virginia Zoo – Norfolk, VA

The Virginia Zoo is an accredited Association of Zoos and Aquariums facility exhibiting more than 500 animals representing more than 100 different species. On 53 beautifully landscaped acres, the Virginia Zoo is commitment to education and conservation.

3. Treetop Zoofari Zip Line and Adventure Park – Moseley, VA

Richmond’s first zip line and adventure park offers an exciting tree-to-tree outdoor adventure with sixteen zip lines that carry visitors over 3000 feet through the forest, above the zoo, and over the zoo’s lake. Get a bird’s eye view of monkeys, apes, kangaroos, giraffe, antelope, tapirs and even toucans!

4. Animal Kingdom of VA  – Pounding Mill, VA

Animal Kingdom of VA is a small privately owned exotic animal facility in Southwest Virginia with a mission to preserve exotic animals. Visit them for a chance to see and learn about lions, camels, 3 ring-tail lemurs, peacocks and more!

5. Creation Kingdom Zoo – Gate City, VA

Creation Kingdom Zoo offers you a chance to get up close with tigers, bears, leopards, giraffes, monkeys, Hyenas, and many other varieties of animals from around the world. With five exhibits–Mammals, Primates, Big Cats, Birds and Reptiles–Creation Kingdom Zoo is the perfect place to get your daily dose of weird animal facts.

6. Fort Chiswell Animal Park – Max Meadows, VA

Experience a fall safari with animals from six continents! This interactive zoo stretches over 45 acres and encourages its visitors to touch, feed, and photograph the animals. Just imagine being nose-to-nose with camels, zebras, ostriches, antelopes and buffalos!

7. Luray Zoo A Rescue Zoo – Luray, VA

Luray Zoo is home to over 250 retired zoo animals, unwanted pets, confiscations and abused animals. Even without government funding, Luray Zoo offers one of the largest venomous snake collections on the east coast, outside exhibits, as well as a petting zoo.

8. Metro Richmond Zoo – Moseley, VA

Home to over 2,000 animals and 180 species, including many endangered animals such as tapirs, cheetahs, rhinos, tigers, and orangutans, the Metro Richmond Zoo gives its visitors a unique experience. From a safari train to guided tours and zip lining, this zoo has it all!

9. Leesburg Animal Park – Leesburg, VA

The Leesburg Animal Park is a family-owned and operated business that has, African serval cats, white-handed gibbons, zebras, camels, Patagonian cavies, African-Crested porcupines, coatimundis, sloths and kookaburras. This is the up-close animal experience that you won’t get anywhere else!

10. Mill Mountain Zoo – Roanoke, VA

Mill Mountain Zoo is also an accredited Association of Zoos and Aquariums facility that is home to vulnerable and endangered species like red pandas, snow leopards and red wolves. They are open year-around offering special events and educational programs.

11. Natural Bridge Zoo – Natural Bridge, VA

The Natural Bridge Zoo has been privately owned since it opened it doors to the public in 1972. Take a walk on the wild side with mountain lions, tigers, bears, serval, zebras, various antelope, alligators, numerous species of monkeys, giraffe, llamas, pygmy goats, exotic donkeys, camels, fallow deer, pot-bellied pigs, cranes, hornbills, and Virginia’s first colony of breeding flamingo.

12. Virginia Safari Park – Natural Bridge, VA

The Virginia Safari Park is a 180-acre drive-through zoo where the animals roam free. Drive over three miles and feed the animals through your car windows! This unique animal encounter is a must!

*Featured image via Facebook – The Virginia Zoo

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