The Gypsy Catwalk

Fashion lovers rejoice! Food trucks step aside! The GypsyCatwalk is Shenandoah Valley’s first fashion boutique on wheels!

Founded in the summer of 2015 by Kasey Fuller, The GypsyCatwalk specializes in an ever-rotating colorfully curated collection of tops, dresses and statement jewelry at a price that won’t hurt your wallet.

For years Fuller and her college roommate talked about opening a boutique, but it wasn’t until the birth of her children that she finally went after what she had dreamt about. And though one day she hopes to pursue a brick-and-mortar option, an online and mobile boutique was the best compromise between being a mom and an entrepreneur, or as Fuller likes to call it, “mommy-preneur”.

“Being mobile has its advantages. I am able to go to the hottest events around, set up is quick and effortless, and my truck is a huge advertisement sign,” Fuller said.

The truck has participated in events all over the state including Centerville, Winchester, Staunton, Harrisonburg, Lexington, Leesburg, Lovettesvile and Middleburg.

“The Gypsy Catwalk carries trending clothes for women sizes S-3X. We have a dedicated curvy line that is the most flattering,” Fuller said. “We also have seasonal accessories like beanies, scarfs, gloves, sun hats, glasses, handbags and of course jewelry.”

Fuller attends market shows to choose which brands and products to carry saying that “it’s best to feel the material and quality in person than order online.” She orders in small quantities always opting for new pieces to keep The GypsyCatwalk’s product selection fresh. Not only will your shopping experience be unique, but so will your purchase as some items have a limited run!

You can shop the boutique online at, Facebook or Instagram (@GypsyCatwalk). You can even reserve the truck for a private party or fundraiser!

Let this “mommy-preneur’s” story remind us all that our dreams are never too big!

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