The Virginia Living Museum Welcomes The Largest Touring Arachnid Exhibit In The U.S.

Newport News, VA (January 15, 2018) – The Virginia Living Museum welcomes the next touring exhibit, The Art & Science of Arachnids, Saturday, January 20 through through April 10, 2018.

Presented by National Exterminating Company, Inc., The Art & Science of Arachnids is not your typical “bug” exhibit, as it invites guests to explore the connections between arachnids and the human world in a fun, meaningful and informative way. Guests will explore the connections between arachnids (spiders) and literature, art, folklore, paleontology, science, and history, in the largest touring arachnid exhibit in the United States.

More than 100 live arachnids from across the globe will be on display in three themed categories focusing on arachnids in science, art, and culture. The exhibit will include rare, seldom seen species, including spiders with unique names like the Bolivian Red Rump Tarantula, and others with hefty appetites like the Brazilian Black and White that rarely refuses a meal.

Encounter stunning, macro photographic images by famous German photographer, Julian Kamzol, as well as a seven-foot tall statue of the Orb Weaver Spider where guests can make web weavings. The live animal show Arachnid or Not? will guarantee a live spider meet and greet.

Interactive activities and displays, including musical arachnids, a spider laboratory with hands-on experiments, and a predator-prey technology table allow guests hands-on exploration. If a little exercise strikes you, learn the Tarantella, an Italian folk dance or relax in the Cob Web Corner to read a book, learn about silk, and compare your size to that of a prehistoric modern-day arachnid.

Bring your camera: Non-flash photography is permitted. A VLM Members preview of the exhibit is from 9am -11am and the exhibit is open to the public beginning at 11am on Saturday, January 20, 2018.  Cost is included in museum admission .

For more information, go to the VLM website  or call 757-595-1900.  The Museum is located at 524 J. Clyde Morris Blvd., Newport News, I-64, exit 258A.

Submitted by the Virginia Living Museum Marketing Department

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